20L Fuelmaster

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Fuelmaster® is a proven solution to managing fuel quality -designed to clean and care for the entire fuel system, from storage tanks through to combustion. This is the fuel treatment which firstly improves the quality of your fuel, then maintains it sparkling clean, without voiding your engine warranty.


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Fuelmaster® effectively treats diesel bug & such problems as:

  • Bacteria / “black death” / fungus
  • Smelly fuel
  • Engines hard to start or “pinging”
  • Excessive black exhaust smoke
  • Fuel storage tank corrosion
  • Blocked fuel filters / blocked injectors
  • Blocked Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF)


Fuelmaster® acts on water in fuel & is a proven product which effects:

  • Removal of diesel bug (cladosporium resinae)
  • Reduction in harmful emissions
  • Extension of fuel storage life
  • Revival of “stale” fuel
  • Superior lubrication throughout the fuel system
  • Can increase fuel economy* and power
  • Extension of engine oil life
  • Removes and prevents wax, gums, varnishes and sludge

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