Marine Mechanic

Marine Mechanic BrisbaneAquasure Marine is a Brisbane based Marine mechanic with over 21 years experience in boat engine services and repair. We service all makes of outboard and inboard engines and offer a great range of services to help you keep you vessel in great shape and on the water.

Aquasure Marine, your #1 trusted Marine Mechanic

Have the following systems been checked on your vessel recently?

  • Pre-purchase checks (Handy before buying a boat)
  • De-carboning of engines (stops stuck rings)
  • Are you using the correct flushing agent on your engine
  • Water pressure (gauges & alarms)
  • Float switches, bilge pumps and warning lights
  • Charging systems (correct battery set-up with voltage regulator)

We recommend that you have the following checked on your vessel at least once a season to ensure a safe and enjoyable trip out on the water.

Pre-purchase checks

We perform both wet and dry boat inspections, where we thoroughly inspect the boat and provide a detailed report on the condition of the boat and its engine. With the combination of our expert knowledge of the industry and the latest Marine Engine Diagnostic System the information we provide will help you know more about what to expect from your intended purchase. Pre-Purchase Inspection that can save you alot of money in the long run.