Written with  360 Boat Finance

Aquasure Marine & 360 Boat Finance look at some of the common problems with boats and how to avoid them.

Common Boating Maintenance IssuesGetting out on the water is an incredible feeling, and one we boat owners know all too well. There’s nothing quite like the feeling of setting off from the jetty and motoring out to sea to let the sun and the salt air wash away all your troubles.

Now, while this is an idyllic picture, we do need to point out that in order for there to be a successful day on the water, you do need to ensure that you are keeping your vessel in exceptional condition. This is so that there are no problems when you’re out at sea, on the lake or on the river! We wanted to address some of the common boating complaints in the hopes that it helps you to keep boating safely for longer. read more →